Best Branching Sunflower for cuts

reddogie(5)February 22, 2011


I have almost weaned myself off of branching sunflowers and will grow almost only single cuts. I would still like one good strong pollenless brancher with a vase life of seven days.

I've grown Soraya, Sonja, Holiday, Ikarus, Autumn Beauty, Moulin Rouge, and numerous others in the past. Each has its positives and negatives. I'd just love to get your opinions on what branching varieties work the best for you as far as long season, decent length cuts (for bouquets - not sold individually), no pollen, and of course - good vase life.

Not asking for too much in a branching sunflower - am I!?

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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I've tried many varities of sunflowers, most did OK, but my favorite now is Golden Cheer . . . a fantastic double flower on long stems. And they are prolific.

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I agree with crica888 about Golden Cheer. It is an outstanding double sunflower that branches, producing long, strong stems. Other options are Goldy and Giant Sungold . . . both doubles.

I've grown the petal type sunflowers and while nice I find they don't hold up as well, petals usually fall off. The doubles last for a week or more and are stunning.

I get $2/stem for Golden Cheer at my Farmer's Market.

You can use them in bouquets, but you have to partner them with other large-bloom cutflowers or they will overwhelm everything else.

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I am glad that you agree. Of course there are better products I guess, but I prefer this one. -

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Thanks - I've never tried doubles and didn't really even give them a thought. I'm interested in seeing how they do. Seeds ordered...


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I've tried quite a few varieties of sunflowers . . . all petal types. My favorite was/is Moulin Rougue, a beautiful dark, almost "black" sunflower. But the petals are fragile and will fall off if picked too late. Also grew Sorayo, Lemon Blaze, Earth Walker, Cappacino, and many others. They all grew well and produced lots of flowers, but again were fragile. After growing Golden Cheer I am hooked on doubles. GC grow very well, had numerous branches and produced large, golden double flowers that held up for a week. I highly recommend it.

I'm going to try Giant Sungold and Goldy this season and see if they are just as productive as Golden Cheer.

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