How to plant ferns

beths1September 2, 2008

I have planted 6 - 8 native varieties of ferns over 4 years in a shaded area between two decideous trees that no longer supports grass. The west exposed area has a slight slope so I prepared amended holes on the clay slope and left an indentation to retain water when I am watering. They all did well the first year but none came back the following year. My hostas in that area grow nicely. I did not fertilize or mulch them as I have had ferns in other areas of the yard for many years that grow vigorously with no attention. What am I doing wrong?

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That is indeed strange that they did not return while the hostas do well (perhaps ruling out the chance that critters ate the roots).

Do you know what kinds of ferns they were? I know you said native, but were they native to somewhere more south (like Florida) and perhaps were not hardy in your area?

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