red-twig dogwood & hello

kristenmarie(Z4-5/New Mexico)February 20, 2006

Hi- I'm curious about red twig dogwood. I know Bryan from this forum grew a lot. My main question is: Does it like to actually have its feet wet, or not quite that wet?



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Here in Michigan Red-twig dogwood grows in swamps, streams and wetlands. It is also used for erosion control along the lakeshore. While it is very adaptable to a range of soils and climates, it generally likes it wet, wet, wet. It does well in an area along the edge of our woods that is poorly drained. I think this is actually an old creek bed.

PS Glad you updated that bog of yours!!!

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

Hi, Kristen, it's nice to hear your voice (so to speak)!

I have it in several spots that aren't particularly wet, but this is a fairly wet climate, unlike yours. Mine get watered only for two or three months in the summer, when we normally get little to no rain. I don't water regularly or generously, but they never dry out completely deep down. They grow wild here in year-round creekbeds, but also in small roadside ditches that are dry from roughly June to September. The ditch plants don't grow as fast as the creek/bog plants.


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Kristen, It is good to hear from you. Willow, Dogwood, Birch (river) and Rosehip all like water, just not swimming in it though. I feeling like we are swimming in it. We did 1,000 wreaths and 500 bundles of curlywillow and pussywillow is just starting. If you need more cuttings let me know, or just send a truck. Cutting goes until May.


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