geo seed germination

gullywashFebruary 24, 2009

Anyone buy seed from Geo that is a 'dream seed'? I bought Verbana bonariensis and it has been apeXenhanced for easier germination. Do I treat it as already been through the stratification process? Thanks, guys.

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flower_farmer(5/6 MI)


I don't recall having germination issues with raw Verbena bonariensis. It may, however, just be a fluke for us since we start many seeds at cool temperatures in the seedling greenhouse.

With the apeX enhanced Verbena bonariensis seed, it appears you are paying only $1.25 more per M for 25-30% higher germination. The sooner they germinate, the sooner the plugs can get to the field; and, the more seedlings moving through the greenhouse means higher profit margins.

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I agree with Trish as far as growing it cool. I don't seed that into my hotbed, just use flats. It seems to me that it takes a while to germinate, like about 3 weeks. I know that just as I think it isn't going to some up, the next day it all pops up.

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Thanks for your information. In the past the germination percentage for the verbena has been dismal; thought I would try something new. Will try cool.

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