Cuttings from an Ivy plant- Need help.

packer43064February 11, 2006

Well I have this Ivy plant, the house plant kind, I use it for my toads. I've had it planted in the toads tank since December I think, it's doing just fine. I cutted a few peices off so I could grow some more plants instead of buying more plants. I have them in the plastic black plants things that you start seeds in, I don't know what their called. I am using Miracle-Gro Moisture Control soil. I just planted them Saturday the 11th, so yeah.I was wondering can I evengrow them to a full plant like the bigger one I have that I cutted off of.

Also how long will it take for roots to grow and when could I transplant them back into the frogs tank.

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Pudge 2b

Yes, the cuttings will grow once rooted, which will take a couple of weeks or so with even moisture to the soil and humidity around the plants (enclosed in a domed flat or in a large plastic bag helps this, but don't let the leaves touch the plastic). Keep the cuttings in a warn, bright spot but out of direct sunlight. Then after they root, you should allow them to grow for another few weeks to develop a good root system before you transplant them again.

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