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azpandaAugust 17, 2012


I just got an orange tree about five months ago and it was healthy. I've been watering the orange tree once every 3 ~ 4 days but then all the leaves started to turn yellow and are gone. Now all I got left is a tree where the branches looks brown and dried up. However, the trunk and also the part where the branch and the trunk meet up of the tree is green.

I'm at a lost as far as what to do. I'm in Yuma and this summer has been very relentless being about 120'f constantly... I really want to keep this tree healthy and would like to know where I should start.


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pot or in ground?

if in a pot, how large and what type of potting mix? could be too wet and developed root rot.

if in ground, how long do you water, and how do you water? maybe you werent watering deep enough and the roots are too dry.

a new tree, with over 100'F temps, prob best to give it some shade, like a diy 50% shade cloth tent.

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Thanks for the quick response.

The plant is in the ground. Didn't use any real potting mix just used the surrounding dirt and the stuff it came with. I laid some food on it after a few days and I watered it for about 15 minutes at a time.

I did thought about putting some sort of shade/mesh cloth but wasn't sure if it should house around the entire plant, just the sides or just the top.

Also, (sorry for asking so much I'm new to this... )
I have been doing some forum research and was thinking if its a good idea to dig it out to check & see for root rot and to actually add some sort of compost/potting mix with the dirt.

thanks again.

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no need to dig it out, it'll only stress it more. you can use a bamboo skewer or a thin wood dowel and stick it down a few inches, let it sit for a few minutes, then pull it out and see if it is wet or dry.

no zone or state listed in your profile, but from your screen name, i'm guessing Arizona? if so, i would wager that your tree is too dry. a pic would help a lot. also, if it is dry, try some mulch to help reduce evaporation.

for the shadecloth, you can by some pvc pipes and make a simple overhead shade cover for your tree. i would make it about 3' taller than your tree and about 3X wider than your tree.

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

Another cheap way to put up a shade cloth frame is to go to Home Depot and buy some 1/2" 10ft emt(ent?) pipes, found in the electric department. They're also known as electric conduit pipe. The only problem is there are no inexpensive elbows for them, so you just have these strong light pipes you can drive into the ground, then use clips/ clothpins to secure the shade cloth. These pipes are less than $2 each, and easy to cut to size with a Sawzall or hacksaw. I like them because they are more solid than pvc...if I could only find inexpensive elbows for them I could make some serious shade frames.

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