Asplineum australasicum V. musifolium.

stanofhSeptember 8, 2008

This fern is in it's third summer in my backyard in the S.F. bay area. Growing in a coconut lined basket,fed well,it has grown 4' fronds.It was bought in a 6" pot.

I have never had this kind of success before with these ferns...not even close! The right cultivar and the basket are key. Plus,you would be surprised at how much they like to be fed. Hardy to at least 30f with no damage to fronds.

As you can see,a slug magnet..I bait like my life depends on it!..they still slip through,the buggers.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Thats a handsome fern! I like the varietal name,musifolium meaning having leaves like a banana plant,and it does!

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Thanks Larry.Jeez,this post was getting crickets so I just saw your post today, sorry. You know that big center frond hadn't finished growing.You should see it now!

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