Lawn guy mowed my fern!

tagliatelle_2006September 24, 2013

A friend gave me a Japanese painted fern this Summer that I planted at the base of a Maple tree. Husband decided he didn't feel like mowing today so he got someone else to do it but did not supervise. Now my fern is mowed to the ground! Will it come back? It was doing very well but has only been in that spot for about 6 weeks.

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I don't have any ferns currently but I've read up on them a lot lately to prepare for planting some later this fall and it seems that once they're established, they should come back as long as the root system is intact. However, since you just planted it this summer, I think only time will tell and if I were you, I would keep watering it regularly just in case.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

It will be grew and produced foliage up until you planted it.....there will be enough energy built up in the root for next year....just keep it moist and wait for spring.....

only problem is that the maple's roots will compete with the fern for moisture......hope you opened up a sizeable planting hole to give it a fighting chance......

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timgren(Z5 MO)

It should come back fine. I've lawn-mower "pruned" quite of few things that came back after a little while.

My wife is NOTORIOUS for planting things next to the lawn edge and not telling me. Of course "I'm" the bad guy when I roll across it without stopping and inspecting each/every non-grassing plant that is in the direct path of my mower. (sigh) She's learning...and so am I.

Best wishes to your fern.

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