Royal Fern Osmunda regalis spectabilis

xpress5October 2, 2008

I have some royal ferns (Osmunda regalis spectabilis), that are older plants, and they have developed a rootstalk that is about a foot long with fibrous roots. Can I break the rootstalk and start new plants from the root pieces. Anyone have any thoughts and experience. Thank you for sharing.

Here is a link for royal fern and a picture

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If I understand what you mean by rootstalk I would think that it would not work. This sounds like tree fern trunks??
These you can cut off the top portion of the trunk with the leaves at the growing tip and plant the trunk portion into a soil mix and the fern will survive with proper care-done this with Cyathea. Probably the same for Osmunda.
A special note: if you have a good growth of the fibrous roots you may wish to share, sell, or give large slabs of the roots to orchid growers as this is perhaps the best orchid growing media ever-I know I do this using regular Cinnamon Fern roots.

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Sorry for the terminology mix-up. I meant can I break the fibrous root into sections, and then replant the sections. I have replanted the growing tip.

Thanks, terrestrial man

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No it won't work as I have already done this with Osmunda but I did not plant the cut up roots as I used them for potting orchids. No new ferns in the pots of the orchids!!

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