Dyna Gro Foliage Pro

NewtsterAugust 4, 2014


Has anyone used Dyna Gro Foliage Pro on grapefruit trees?? I heard it was good for them and it does not promote salt buildup, something I have experienced in the past!!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Most container citrus folks on this forum use Dyna Gro Foliage Pro (we talk about it all the time). Is your grapefruit tree in a container or in the ground? If it in a container, it is a citrus tree, and thus, will benefit as any other citrus tree from this product. If it is in the ground, you can use a regular granular fertilizer product formulated for citrus. Foliage Pro is probably a little expensive to use for in-ground trees, and doesn't have an sustaining release properties. So, a granular product would probably be a better bet for in-ground citrus. You have the benefit of having the soil to filter out any possible salts build up, so it is really not as much a worry with in-ground citrus, unless you over-fertilize.

Patty S.

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DocHollywood 9b Central Tucson(USDA 9b)

I do a foliage application of Foliage Pro on my in ground citrus 2-3 times yearly. Plus the granular citrus fertilizer 3 times yearly. Best of both worlds. Rio Red Grapefruit picture.

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That is one beauty of a tree! I wish mine could get that big..Someday..It sure LOVES that spot..

Why do you foliar spray with it?

Youwould get much more use from it if you water it into the root system and let the roots do the work, and your tree with enjoy that too..


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the way I see it, my foliar aplication will end up on roots anyway. I 2 have had good success as of late with all the great info on this forum. What granular are you using Doc? thanks to all for contributing!!

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is it just me, or do you have 2 trees in the same hole.
Amazing tree doc;)

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DocHollywood 9b Central Tucson(USDA 9b)

Mike...There are directions on the Foliage Pro for foliar application. So that's why I use it in that way and I sneak a little as a soil application also. The location was chosen because as the tree get larger, I will be able to reach over off the deck and pluck a fresh grapefruit for breakfast! It was about 6 feet tall when planted 3 years ago. Now it is about 10-11 feet tall. It had about 3 dozen delicious grapefruit last winter. It appears to have less developing this year, but from what I understand, they will alternate bare.
JCitrus...That new growth and great color would indicate you are doing everything right. I use Arizona's Best citrus food. It is readily available in Tucson. It has sulfur in it that helps to acidify the soil and allow the micronutrients to do their thing. There is only one tree in the location. You are seeing two pole stakes that were driven in to support the tree. A 2 foot section of garden hose with wire through it is loosely attached to the poles and tree. I don't think the support is really needed anymore. I will likely remove the stakes soon.
Some of last years harvest shown.

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axier - Z10, Basque Country (Spain)

Mike, salt accumulation is a problem for the roots, which osmotic absorption capacity is affected. Foliar application is a safe way to supplement soil fertilization without risk for the roots.

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Patty, thanks!! I am relatively new to the forum and pretty new with citrus. My grapefruit is in a pot and I know I have had salt problems in the past. It struggled a bit this year because I am pretty sure I overwatered it last winter. Plus it has been so hot here (Las Vegas). Earlier this week we received a lot of rain and cool temperatures so it was much map pier. It has a lot of new growth but I am really concerned on helping it produce a better, healthier root system! I'm thinking foliar application would be good. Thanks to all for the good advice!!!

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good luck newt! please see the recent post "death by neem oil" be sure to Spray in evening, start slow to test reaction and gradually work yourself upto full strength aplications.

Kelp and soap seem to have helped my trees.

flushing salts every so often is recommended as a good practice:)do report back

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Hi JCitrus,

What do mean soap, as a foliage spray for insects? And how much Kelp?

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Somehow my reply got deleted.

a couple drops of dishsoap, or horticultural soap helps the mix spread and stick to leaves better:)

A capfull of kelp enough to make the mix like a dark ice tea seems to help.
I use the kelp/Soap to spot treat aphids

Once monthly i add foliage pro or superthrive to the mix boost things a bit.

Be sure to be mindfull, a little could do good, to much might kill your plants, so take it easy

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soap causes problems for most soft bodied insects, in adition to helping your foliar spray adhere better. Whenever im mixing up a foliar spray, be it for pest, food or fungus, I always put a few drops of soap in there. Good luck. Please do report back

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Thanks so much, JCitrus. My Dyna Gro should arrive on Friday so I will be spraying this weekend. I have used blue Dawn dish soap in the past and it works great on bugs but I did not know it helped spray adhere better! Do you recommend any special kelp brand? Any other tips would be great. ;)

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Hi Laura how is your grapefruit fruit doing in the new potting mix . Are you still having salt problem's . I took your advice and Mike's and mixed some fafard potting mix in with the pro mix , they really seem to like that better . How is your potting mix working out ? You have had lots of rain I bet your tree really loves that . Have a great night Laura


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Hi Brian, so glad to hear from you!!! My tree is doing much, much better in the new mix!! I think my salt problem may be over but I also think it could have been the fertilizer. So I am going to give it a bit less and try Dyna Gro. Tonight I am going to spray it with kelp because I may have a few aphids. I have some leaves that are becoming deformed and I've been through that too. ;). It has a lot of new growth and yes, I think it loved the storms!! What it really liked were the low temperatures. One morning at 7:00am it was 65 degrees F. I think I was liking it as much as the tree was. ;). If you look at the picture above of the tree with all that new growth, how can I get mine to do that? I have never had that much new growth at one time. I'm wondering if I have a root problem and if so, how can I get some good roots going? The kelp should help, right? Brian, it's great to talk with you!!!!!!!

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Hi Laura it's nice talking to you to . It's been a few weeks .I was going to in a couple of weeks try to find your old post , I wanted to see how your grapefruit tree was doing . I hope you are having a great summer . The weather is a bit wacky here one day 90 and the next 70 , but not to bad not to much rain . Laura how did the roots look when you repotted . It may take a little time for your tree to adjust to the new mix . I find it funny with all the heat and rain you have had that your tree hasn't flushed out majorly , any time the temperature reach's 90 here my trees will usually start to show some kind of new growth. One of these days I am going to try dyna grow but I have been so successful with MG it's hard to change .I have never used sea kelp . I have bug's in my trees to but I try to keep them in check by washing the heck out of them . I am sure I have the cleanest trees in North America . Supposed to be a beautiful weekend here 90 degrees and sunny . Laura you should join us in the bug posting by Maggy what a truly terrific person she is . Mike and Cory and Steve also spend alot of time there , these guys are all fantastic and very knowledgeable and fun . They are all good friends . I hope you have a great weekend Laura. , so nice talking to you.


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Hi Brian, when I transplanted it the roots looked good but some where a bit on the brown side, not white. I did notice the root ball seemed larger so that was good. That was the second time I transplanted it since February so I am thinking it may be in some type of transplant shock. I noticed last night it does have a lot of new growth so maybe I am just overreacting. I tend to do that with this little tree. :) I think if MG is working for you, you should not change. You must be doing things right because your plants look great and they must be very happy. Hey, have you heard of the book, "Secret Life of Plants"? I'm in the middle of reading it and it could be that our plants know that all this worrying and fussing we do for them is because we care for them. I might be a little silly, but I think my grapefruit tree is really trying to be a great tree. :) It's funny you mention the bug posting because I was looking at that the other day. I will certainly join in. Looks like a lot of fun!! Enjoy your weekend and great weather and I'll talk to you soon!

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