Ferns Indoors

spicyfemmeOctober 8, 2005

Im moving my Boston Ferns indoors for the winter. They are very pot bound, should I transplant them now or wait until they adjust to the indoors?

Also, one of them has a fair number of dead leaves. I keep it watered and in part shade. What am I doing wrong?

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I have some fern indoor and they are beautiful !
Not many dead leaves.
What is very important is to spray water on their leaves DAILY. Not tap water, rather rain water !
they love it and grow more and more leaves.
Also they have to be kept in shade, they love difference of temperature between day and night, just like orchids, that helps them grow new leaves !

good luck...

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dave4242(z5 CT)

I alos would like to overwinter our Boston ferns in basement. Can they stay in low light situation all winter? They are very bound in pots. Should I leave them that way?

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