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twiggyzeeOctober 15, 2005

Hi, I'm doing a Biology Project on a common moss, growing in the northern Dales of the UK, and probably elsewhere. It seems to grow on sycamore, ash and some beech trees, in small woods, as a thick "carpet" on the trunk, getting less as you go up the tree. It is more abundant on the north side, suggesting it likes shade (I think!). I was told it was Red Stem Moss, but that seems quite a broad description, and it's not Shreber's big red stem moss. Any one got any advice on its common/latin name and the conditions it likes? Thanks so much!!

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In Indiana (US), the most common moss on bark of live trees seems to be Leucodon (Leucodon julaceus on the patch I keyed out). I don't know the UK, though apparently you've got some nice epiphytic mosses in the genus Ulota (there being a book of the same name which discusses somewhat the joys of British moss)...

Online, you might check the Mosses & Liverworts of Wales site ( & the BioImages Virtual Field Guide ( for images of British mosses.

Patrick Alexander

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