Are stinkhorns safely edible?

chelydra(z6a MA)October 31, 2010

Serious post - really.

A few years after spreading several truckloads of (mostly oak) chips to improve sandy soil, I'm starting to get a lot of stinkhorn mushrooms. Most are Phallus ravenelii and Pseudocolus fusiformis (I think; I'm not trained in this) with a few others. They smell pretty rank when fresh. After rain washes away the spore-bearing slime, though, the remaining shafts smell wonderful - like the best fresh supermarket mushrooms I've encountered, but much stronger.

The young "eggs" are said to be safe and tasty. Are the post-mature above-ground parts OK to eat?

Happy Hallowe'en, all.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I'm not trained in this

====>>>> i think that sums up whether or not you should stick these in your diet


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