Brown Cap and Gills

kjkw(PA 7)October 3, 2011

Might somebody know the ID of this, found growing on a wooded trail in southeastern PA? Thanks.


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Some characteristics remind me of Psathyrella delineata; do some research and see what you think. Ron

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kjkw(PA 7)

Thanks. It certainly does bear a lot of resemblance to Psathyrella delineata, but that seems to grow from the deadwood of hardwoods. This was found growing in the middle of a dirt trail. I see that there are about 400 species of Psathyrella, however, so it certainly could be in that genus.

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Spore color is essential here. It looks beaten and maybe even frozen and thawed. It bears a strong resemblance to mushrooms I have seen in trails and they were stressed and even kicked specimens of the stinking Russula group - R. laurocerasii and a couple of closely related species. I know this picture does not look like a Russula but if it had white spores and any kind of characteristic smell, from almondy to dirty socks, that might be it. Psathyrella has dark spores and its stem does not break apart in a chalk-like fashion the way I think I see it in the picture.

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