best flowers for cutting AND drying??

gardenerwannabe6February 27, 2011

I'm wondering if anyone could recommend good flowers for cutting and drying. We're wanting to add a flower component to our Upick this summer, but I'm also wanting to dry some flowers to experiment w/ wreath making as well. I'd like the flowers that we grow to be able to be both good cuts AND dried as I'm getting limited on space.

I know many of the herbs I'll be growing are good for drying and using in wreaths, but would like to add a few flowers as well.

Thanks a bunch!

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Yarrow, Helichrysum, Anise Hyssop, Delphinium, Gomphrena, Echinops, Poppy seed heads, Celosia, Helipterum, Statice, Baby's Breath . . . there are many others.

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teresa_b(z6 MO)

Great ideas tommyk. The first that comes to mind for me is lavender, of course, it is a perennial; however, I like having some perennials with which to work.


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grannymarsh(z4-5 U.P. MICH)

Pods, ie; crocosmia, daylily scapes

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Thank you all for the suggestions....I really appreciate your response!

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Lavender hands down is one of the best crops. Perennial means it is low maint. I just love it and it was one of the first things I planted all over my landscape when I first moved here. It blends in so well and the smell is wonderful. It even looks good now, during the 'crappy winter' months.

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