Ostrich fern/source and moss question :)

chloeashaOctober 16, 2012

Hi! If I have to break down and order an ostrich fern, has anyone here ever ordered from Well-Sweep? I was thinking to order from there because I have several violets I like on their list. They also have a variety called "Jumbo" which looked intriguing. Out of necessity (balcony only) mine will be in a pot and Jumbo may be a tad tall... but then again I am kind of willing to risk that. Sounds exciting.

Also the moss question-- we have moss that grows in our parking lot in the cracks. The complex is forever trying to kill it semi-annually. I was thinking to re-home it on my balcony since they are so determined to kill it and I just love it. Can't I just carefully lift it and move it into a pot and keep it moist? It should establish eventually, right? I was thinking to use it as an under-planting on a few things.

Thanks guys!


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haha! Sorry if I confused anyone (doubtful yet, as traffic is slow). I meant "The King" for the ostrich fern name. I don't know where I got Jumbo when typing. Silly. :)

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Hi, Julianne! I found Ostrich Fern spores in an ebay store and grew them myself. Not sure what kind of space you have for indoor growing but I grew them out in my basement under lights and had so many plants I was giving them away by late spring. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Seeds4change_NY eBay store

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