Anyone ID this Mushroom? (see photos)

im_a_believerOctober 18, 2007

I really enjoy morels and this mushroom looks a lot like a morel. However, they are emerging now, in October, in my garden and I've not seen them there before. It appears the mushroom emerges from the ball shaped thing in the first photo. There are many of these ball shaped things all in about a 3' square area. From this point on I'll keep a check to see if more emerge. The last photo is one cut open

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that is a stinkhorn mushroom. I wouldn't try eating it.....

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Thank you growerman for posting. I've gone to several mushroom sites on stinkhorns and I can't find this one. And it doesn't stink, or I didn't think so. When I picked a fresh one it smelled like a morel, except much stronger.

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I would hesitate to try identification based only on a photo, but, if you want a really good book that you can carry with you on field trips. Try " All that rain promises and more" By David Arora. He also wrote " Mushrooms demystified". The first one has a guide on the inside of the covers, both front and back that helps with on the spot ID. Cost- 17.95 and well worth it!

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Does anyone out there know about mushrooms in Hawaii? On the big island to be more specific. If there are, are they introduced, or "native". And are they edible?

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