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spudbazOctober 8, 2006

I purchased a 3ft tree fern this summer and now it is getting cooler I am worried about how to protect it from the frost this winter

I know I have to wrap it up in fleece and fill the centre with straw to prevent the cold from getting into it but when do I do this

at present it still has all its branches/leaves so do I have to remove these and cut it back to the trunk or do I wait a while for it to die back

I live in the UK and the winter feels like it is fast aproaching

any advice will be greatfully received


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You know I don't think you should cut it down like that. I'm in central CA and part of mine died back and I just cut off the part of the frond that did die. I think if you radically cut it to the trunk you'd hurt it. I'm not an expert and I'm not in the UK certainly, but his is a good question. What kind of tree fern do you have? I have an Australian Tree Fern. Actually they shouldn't even sell it in my zone, it's not supposed to grow here and shouldn't even be making it through a winter at all! I'll look around further and see if I can't find some info for both, but do you know what particular kind of tree fern do you have? Leslie

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just had a look and it is a Tasmanian tree fern

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Baz, I found a web site for you dealing with your fern! Go to and in the search area type in tazmanian tree fern just like that and up comes a thread on how to prepare it for winter and if you have any questions you can become a member without cost and ask them questions or they even give you a number to call and ask questions! How's that!! I really hope that helps you out, guess you are on the right track from what I read on their site!:) Leslie

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thanks so much Leslie I shall hop over there and take a look
thanks again

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stevethelizard(SE uk z8-9)

its dicksonia antarctica and it should be reasonably hardy if your worried you can wrap some fleece around it until it gets establishedis it potted or in the ground? dont cut the fronds off unless they die back you might be lucky and keep them all over winter mine have taken -4 allready with no sigh of a of damage what so ever
i hope this helps

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