small white specks on bird's nest fern

jan22October 29, 2007

I have three ferns - (1) rabbit's foot and (2) bird's nest ferns that I treasure. They are growing fine but have very small white specks on them. It is not mealy bugs nor white flies. Have treated with Safety Soap but to no avail. They summer outside and in a greenhouse during the winter but am afraid to put them in the greenhouse now because of these specks. They are still healthy looking and growing! Any ideas? Many thanks.

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Where are the specks? Top or bottom of leaves?

You do know that ferns are supposed to have specks on the undersides of the leaves, right?

Here is a link that might be useful: fern spores

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On the bird's nest ferns, they are mostly on the bottom of the leaves, close to the crown, also in and around the crown of the plant. The rabbit's foot fern, they are on both sides of the fronds.
Yes, thanks, I know about spores...and they are there also.
Appreciate the helpful link on spores!!

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