Advice for CA daughter's 1st time container garden

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)March 19, 2006

Hi everyone!

I'm SO excited that my 21 yo daughter wants to try her hand at growing flowers in terra cotta pots on her 3rd floor apt. balcony in Laguna Hills, CA. (Don't know the zone yet).

She would like ones that she can cut as well as just stay in the pots. She says she'd like some vining, climbing types too. She has mostly sun, some shade. Like me, she is NOT interested in geraniums, begonias, petunias etc.

Anyone here have any suggestions? I have already gotten quite a few from a California gardener and have lots of seeds to share with her. Oh, BTW, she will most likely plant SEEDS. Thanks so much! :0) Phyl

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Some suggestions for your daughter:

heliotrope Marine
Sunbow zinnias
Profusion zinnias
Fiesta Del Sol tithonia
Sundance Kid sunflower
Bashful sunflower
Firecracker sunflower
Zebulon sunflower
Royal, Old Spice or Painted Lady sweetpeas
Green Thumb or Pygmy Torch amaranthus
Love Lies Bleeding
asclepias curassavica Butterfly Weed
castor bean
cobaea Cup and Saucer Vine
datura Angel's Trumpet
digitalis Camelot Mix
gaillardia x grandiflora Torchlight

Pennisetum glaucum Jester
Eragrostis tef Ruby Silk
Pennisetum villosum Feathertop
Zea mays Japonica

gomphrena QIS Series
heliopsis Summer Sun
hyacinth bean vine Ruby Moon
lisianthus Echo Series
lobelia erinus
phlox drummondii
plectranthus argentatus
Iceland poppies
rudbeckia Goldilocks, Prairie Sun and Indian Summer
salpiglossis sinuata
salvia farinacea Gruppenblau

Best wishes for your daughter who's trying her hand at growing flowers in pots.


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Thanks so much for answering! I sent our daughter a care package of seed packages and a gift certificate I had from J&P but will send her your list as well. Happy is finally acting a little like spring here! Phyl

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

Hi there! Laguna Hills, I believe, is zone 10, maybe 9. At any rate, it should be pretty much like where I live (I'm up north on the coast outside San Francisco, and Laguna Hills is down south, if I remember correctly). As much stuff as I've collected and grown, believe it or not, I'm a container gardener also, because we live in a townhouse and only have a cement slab patio to work with. You can check out my slideshow for more ideas of what she can plant, but my favorites have been:
morning glories
anigozanthos (kangaroo paw)
brugmansia (yes! I have (gasp) 30, but of course, they're all from recent cuttings)
amaryllis can stay outside yearround
pink saucer magnolias are stunning, though mine died : (
all manner of bulbs (though we have to treat tulips as annuals, usually-- just doesn't get cold enough)
clerodendrum bungeii (best in a pot anyway--it's very invasive, but gorgeous)
wisteria (I have a 7 gallon-ish sized pot with wisteria)
basically, anything! I even have a container water garden. You'd be surprised at what you can grow in a container. When you add the extra luck of being in California, those possiblities are basically limitless.

Amanda 'romando'

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