Lime-like tree?

eddy183September 11, 2013

My mom planted this possibly from root stock but I'm not sure. It produces numerous fruit 1"-2" in size but sometimes a little larger. Most are very dark green in color but occasionally a few will lighten its color and yellow slightly. There are no spines and the bark is relatively smooth. The tree is about 10ft tall and wide. I cut a fruit in half and it looks like a lime on the inside but the smell is not very strong. I dabbed a bit of the juice on my tongue but it tasted somewhat bland. It doesn't look like any store lime I've ever seen. Is this just one of those hybrids or some sort of lime I don't know about. More pictures to follow.

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Another Pic

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Closer look. Perfectly round.

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Inside of one.

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Looks very much like an unripe orange to me - including the leaves and petioles.

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im not a lime expert but i think limes are yellow when fully ripe and are actually picked before ripness... idk why but i think i read that somewhere. also ive always thought limes where lemon shaped but i could be wrong there too because like i said im no lime expert at all.

if i were u i would leave the fruits for longer and see if they change colour further to be sure. maybe taste one a week to see how the taste changes

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I don't know enough to be identifying, just a passing thought about the thornless key lime...small size, round fruit, little to no thorns, would ripen to yellow if left alone...I agree you should leave one on the tree longer, see if that helps to identify it..

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I don't think the key lime would ever get that orangish color inside, even if you left it until it got full yellow and fell off the tree.

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

I agree with Johnmerr, key limes do not change to orange inside. However, it might be a Calamansi lime:

Just a wild guess.


Here is a link that might be useful: About Calamansi Lime

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Definitely not Calamondin (kalamansi, calamansi, etc); they are about 80% seeds and the rest juice with very little pulp. BTW the Calamondin is not a lime; although it's primary use in the world is as a "lemon". It is also not an orange; although it is sometimes referred to as, and sold as a "Baby orange"; and if you leave it on the tree it eventually gets orange in color.

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