Moss Growth

wizzard419October 8, 2011

Hi all,

I am growing/transplanting moss I found growing in my yard (an unusual and rare occurance in Southern California) for bonsai and I was curious about it's growth.

I'm not sure about the species but it is similar to the fine moss that they use for bonsai.

My question is, as it grows, will it build up more and more (creating a nice mound shape) or does it kind of stay the same?

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It all depends upon the species. There are two basic types of mosses: prostrate species and erect species. My guess is that you either have a low growing erect species or a prostrate species. To have an idea on how it will look you may want to look at how it is growing in your yard.
Alot also depends upon your culture. You should grow the moss separate from your bonsai and only add moss coverings to your bonsai whenever you show your bonsai. If your growing conditions are right for moss to grow on your bonsai it may happen anyway. Here are some webjournals that may help you:

While my above journals concentrate on an erect moss species the prostrate species will do just as well on the same substrate. The journal below illustrates a prostrate species with basically the same substrate to which I had added some coir.

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Thanks, it looks similar to the first variant, but shorter. I am actually surprised it grew since it's so dry and normally very warm here.

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