Are all milky saps equally dangerous?

steve22802(7a VA)March 8, 2011

We have one thread already discussing the dangers of the milky sap that comes from Euphorbias, but what about the other plants that also have milky sap? (i.e. Asclepias, Amsonia, poppies, etc.) Are they all equally dangerous or is there some caustic substance that is unique to the Euphobia sap that is not in the other milky sap plants? I'm starting some different varieties of Asclepias this year so that's why I'm concerned. (I also already have two large Amsonia plants though I've never used them as cut flowers.) According to Wikipedia this type of sap is actually termed latex. ( ) Perhaps Euphorbia marginata has been more of a focus for concern simply because it's more widely grown for cutting than the others?

- Steve

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oath5(z6b/7a MD)

Euphorbia is only dangerous to my knowledge if you have extremely sensitive skin, the entire thing about Pointsettias being terribly poisonous is wrong, something would have to consume a lot of leaves to get sick.

Poppies, the sap from cut seed pods from somniferum I believe is opium...

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Noni Morrison

There are two plants that I have this problem with, Euphorbias and Rue. I am also sensitive to latex so that may be the reason but I have had extensive blisters and scarring from accidental contact.I no longer grow any of these. I do not seem to be bothered by poppies.

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