ID these ferns? ....

paul_(z5 MI)October 12, 2007

These ferns are volunteers that appeared in my terrariums. As I know little about ferns any ID help would be appreciated.


These two emerged from sphag. moss. The first looks like a maidenhair to me [but what do I know... ?]

No idea what this one is but the leaves are pretty IMO

This one arose from peat moss [in case that info has any use]. I think it is some sort of Pteris?

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The second one is pretty and I have the same thing and have been trying to ID it.

Closest I've come to is Apline Woodsia, but that is a wild guess just now. Mine looks a lot like flat leaf parsely, although it is definitely a fern of some kind.

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Also, perhaps Woodsia Obtusa?

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Top two look like pelleas. bottom one could be Pteris argarea if it turns out to be a bigger fern, or Pteris victoia if it is a littlali and these like terreriums.
regards deeinoz

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