What is this on the leaves of my Lemon and line tree?

capini(Z10 Ca.)September 16, 2013

After looking at photos on the internet, I can't decide on what is ailing my lemon and lime tree. Please see attached photos. It is only effecting the new growth,. The spots on the leaves are raised.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, can't see the undersides of your leaves, but I'm betting this is Citrus Leafminer, which we talk about ad nauseum on the list at this time of year :-) If you see tiny tunnels on the undersides of your leaves, and only your young, tender leaves are affected, it's CLM. Please search the forum for "citrus leafminer" and you'll come up with many, many posts about it, along with our repetitive recommendations.

I think we need to get a forum FAQ for Citrus Leafminer set up. I will try to reach our to our wonderful GW forum folks to see about getting an FAQ loaded. That way, we can simply point new folks asking about CLM to the FAQ. That, and perhaps an FAQ on HLB and the ACP, plus transporting of citrus across state/country lines.

Patty S.

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capini(Z10 Ca.)

Thank you, Patty! I kept coming up wth diseases that looked like it but were only in Florida :-) I appreciate your help, and will be making things inhospitable for the leafminers post haste!

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