Moss info?

akheadbanger(z?? OH)October 26, 2005

Sence their is nothing specificly on moss, i figured i would ask. What are good things to do with moss ( know it grows VERY slow, but like i just thought it would be cool to grow moss and do things like that) Like what kind of moss would you recomend? Where to get it? wich looks cool? Could i get it from outdoors? If iw ere to get it from outdoors how would i get it? Could i start growing it from just setting some wood or rock or something and keep it moist and stuff?


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If you do an internet search for "propagating moss" you'll find that many recommend that you get a small amount of moss (from wherever), shred it up and mix it with a little yogurt or buttermilk. Then put it over where you want it to grow (a piece of wood, a rock, a soil area) and keep it moist.

Some people take a piece and transplant it directly without breaking it up. There are many different mosses and some like to grow on wood, some on compacted soil, so try to replicate similar conditions to where you find it.

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

TAsk 1
finding moss in a dry enviroment (theirs bound to be some place)

Task 2
should i get Plain Yogurt without any addatives i figure that using a yogurt with chunks of fruit wouldnt be to good of an idea. And could i simply chop up the moss and not put it in the blender? (mom wouldnt be to happy with that idea)

And aproxomitaly how long would it take for this moss to grow? cause i know i have projects in school from time to time. (this would give a 3-d moddle that realisitic effect instead of using that fake moddle grass)


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Why would you look for moss in a dry environment? You can get it from anywhere. Sidewalk moss is very compact, moss in the woods is fluffier almost fern-like.

Yes, you can certainly chop up the moss and not use a blender.

I think it would take several months for this to grow. Mist it to keep it moist.

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

THe trouble is i cant find any its dry most of the year hear, so theirs not much moss. that i have seen of at least

I can chop up the moss just as fine with out a blender, but thanks. I will keep an eye out for moss, I think i might have located some but i didnt have the time to check, ill think about the blender. And, what about the yogurt would i have to buy plain yogurt? And are their other substatutes other than yogurt and buttermilk?


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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

I finaly found some.
Ok im just going to skip the wholeChopping and spreding part im just going to atempt to grow it, misting it every day, letting it grow in a small pudding cup. (that should be fine right?) once it gets full (in several months)But slowly it will take over its new small enviroment getting litle to no sunlight,next to my computer to keep it warm. Does this sound good?


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