Citrus for sale in Memphis area?

inpsychoutSeptember 7, 2008

Hello all. I just moved to the Memphis area from Indianapolis, and I'd like to buy some small citrus trees for container growing. I've found a lot of small to medium sized nurseries around here, but so far, I haven't found any that have citrus trees.

Last year in Indiana, Lowes had a whole bunch of different varieties of dwarf citrus trees, but the two Lowes stores near Memphis that I've called said they don't have them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Specifically, I'd like Meyer lemon or Kafir lime, but other oranges, limes, and lemons would be ok too, as long as they're suitable for container growing.


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Keep going by Lowe's and Home Depot. They will soon have some more tropicals at good prices which they are trying to sell before winter. You can always get good prices this time of year. Whether they have exactly the variety you want is another question. I've seen both varieties at both stores but I haven't been by the stores recently.

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I should have mentioned that the first Lowes store I called said she thought they weren't able to get them this year. I asked her if they'd had them before, and she said they did last year, but this year she thought she remembered hearing something about some kind of blight that was limiting availability. I don't know if she knew what she was talking about or if she was just making up an excuse... when I asked her for citrus trees in containers, she first said "You mean citronella candles?" She got it when I used the words "lemon" and "orange."

A friend and I both bought some very nice looking lemon, lime, and kumquat trees at Lowes in Indianapolis stores last year, but I left mine inside under a ceiling fan when I went on a few days' vacation, and they were completely crispy when I got home. Oops.

So I was just trying to locate some more trees somewhere that won't charge me as much to ship them as to buy them. I tried a certain big-name garden catalog shop a couple years ago and the little twig they called a lime was shipped over 6 weeks after I ordered it and was nothing like what I expected.

Thanks again to anyone with any good info on where I can look.

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