did my cinnamon ferns croak for good?

ncdaydreamsOctober 4, 2007

i planted a mass of cinnamon ferns in my new shade garden earlier in the season. then it got reeaaallly hot. even with frequent watering, they got fried by the later afternoon sun which isn't even that strong over the bed. the plants were grown from bare root this spring into 1 gallons which i later transplanted into the garden. the bare roots were huge, i planted them myself. i am wondering if anyone has a prediction as to wether they will come back next year or if they are gone for good. the day i noticed that they got cooked, i cut them back to the ground which might have been a bad move because there has been no new growth. but cinamon ferns grow so slowly, i wonder if they gave up on this hot summer and are just waiting for a chance to come back in the spring. anyone have any advice?

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I think it is very likely that they will be back if we get enough rain over the winter. My cinnamon ferns often go dormant in late summer/very early fall because I don't pamper them.

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thanks, i guess i will just keep my fingers crossed.

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