Can I split transplant this?

mvaussiesNovember 25, 2012

I have found this on some land I bought in NC. Just had it ID ed on the GardenWeb.

I plan on doing a Japanese natural type theme. I like this and would like to know if I can move /split this? It seems like something that doesn't spread fast, & may not like to be disturbed.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

It's a Huperzia sp., also called fir clubmoss or fir-moss. They typically do not transplant well.

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Thanks, that was my gut feeling. I do have a tractor with a bucket.

Maybe the only thing I'd dare try is, if I can "pick up" the whole thing soil & all. I'll have to poke around it & see how deep the roots go, & if any trees roots are in the way. Once I figure where I want to move it to.

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