Moss question

mrsmuggletonNovember 15, 2009

Does anyone know if it is OK to keep moss growing over summer when it would naturally go dormant?

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I think it really depends upon the species. Dormancy in mosses is probably more environmentally tuned than genetically moderated but I do not know if anyone has ever approached this matter from this kind of perspective. For example I currently grow at least 2 species of mosses from Utah that probably experience some dormancy or drying out during the natural cycle they occur under but in cultivation they hold up well without any prolonged drying out.
Your best bet in finding out is to test it out yourself. Grow some under natural conditions and some under cultivation and see how they do. Be sure to keep records and images to share!

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Thank you for your reply, Terrestrial_man. I shall get the camera out tomorrow..:) I have no idea what species of moss I am using.

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Do some browsing on the net. Here is one text that you can get through a bookstore.

Here is a link that might be useful: moss flora so. australia

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I shall check it out, hadn't thought to look for a book. Thank you.

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