Purple Majesty Millet--when to start?

anniew(4-5/PA)March 17, 2006

I have some seeds of Purple Majesty Millet that I saved from last year (that I got from a nice person on this forum). When should I start it for transplants relative to the last frost date?



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sgiesler(USDA 5)

Hi Ann,

The purple majesty millet that I purchased said to start 8 - 10 weeks before the last frost. hth. Shirley

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Octogenarian(z5 Lake Erie)

According to Park Seeds they may be planted indoors or outside in temperatures above 60°

Here is a link that might be useful: Park Seeds

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Mine are started now, I just use cell packs covered with a clear plastic bag, and they germinate well.(bag removed after germination of course.) I find they take a while here, so need a good 8 wks. prior to last frost date, which is June 1st. So, better get started!

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We have direct seeded these in the field in May when the soil temperatures are above 60; and, they do just fine.
Sometimes the seedling greenhouse is just bursting with other things; and, there's just no room for seed that can
easily be direct seeded.


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I think I'll try some direct seeded as well. But also use my seedlings and see how they compare. We have about a month less growing season than you most times, and of course it depends on how warm of a summer we have, along with rainfall amounts. Our ground doesn't really warm up until the middle to end of June. I tried direct seeding some things last year, and the weeds always grow faster than the seedlings. I like to till, then plant plugs so I can actually see my plants. About the only thing I direct seed is sunflowers.

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hag49(Tx z8a)

Mine are coming up from volunteer reseeding. I yanked the plant out last fall and let it sit on the ground a couple of days and now I have a gazillion little purple guys all in this spot. Now the task of pulling out all those puppies and leaving just the select ones to grow. I'm wondering if I could transplant some of the ones I pull out.

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I direct sow at 2 different times. I have found that when started early, sometime in May when soil has warmed up in zone 7, they are spent by the end of June to July. I resow about 3 -4 weeks later and I have these beauties through fall.

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