microsorium diversifolium and microsorium musifolium

caliendudeNovember 3, 2006

I really like these ferns, but don't really know too much about them. If anyone could give info on how to take care of them it would be greatly appreciated.

the kangaroo paw fern that I bought about a year ago isn't looking as hot as the one I bought 2 months ago. The older one has greyer leaves. Right now I have them both outside in a protected area. Actually, they receive morning sunlight, are all in 6 inch pots. I have really bad water, it's made all the leaves on my japanese maple crispy! I've counteracted some of the alkaline/salt damage by adding vinegar to water.

thats pretty much all i can think of at the moment. anything else I should or shouldn't be doing?

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These are both easy, fairly hardy ferns. Mine grow best in a moss basket hung in a tree. I soak 'em good with a hose couple times a week in the summer, every 10 days to 2 weeks in the winter.

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