asparagus fern

greencricker(z7aNJ)November 8, 2005

I have loads of berrys on my asparagus fern,can I eat them?!

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felpec(Z5/6 NJ)

In a word, no.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Poisonous Plants

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can you plant those berry's and get resaults??

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marie009(houston texas)

I have a fern, identity unknown. But I sort of thought it was an asparagus fern. Noticed a bunch of green berries on it; just now discovered that a couple have turned red. I didn't even know that ferns developed berries!!! I, too, would like to know about planting the berries. The plant is very large, part of it is dead. Would love to start over if the berries can be successfully grown.

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felpec(Z5/6 NJ)

Asparagus fern can be readily propagated from seed. The seed should be removed from the fleshy berries, placed in a suitable sowing medium in a warm spot or with bottom heating of about 75°F and kept moist.

Hey, why not try it - you've got nothing to lose if you get the seeds for free ;-)

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