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wolfpackfan(z7 Raleigh, NC)March 31, 2006

Hello all - I've read some recent post in this forum and most of you seem like Professionals... So I'm sure you will have some suggestions and advice for me!

I love fresh cut flowers (who doesn't). I want to start a bed for myself that was my own little cutting garden.

I was thinking about making a rasied bed. Is that necessary? I have bought some seed and have started a few indoors but waiting for last frost to start most of them outside. If I don't get my raised bed made before i'm ready to start... how do i plant seed in my other garden beds. They have several inches of mulch. and I know most seeds like to be just barely covered.

Any advice or suggestions? (did I make any sense? :) )

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

Whether you need a raised bed is dependent on your soil. If it drains well, you don't necessarily need a raised bed. Are your other plants in raised beds, and if not, how are they doing?

I wouldn't try to plant seeds in several inches of mulch. You could remove the mulch from where you'll start seeds, but keep in mind that the seedlings will need good light to start out, so if they're in the shade of the established plants, and/or competing with the other plants' roots, they'll have an uphill battle. They'll need a good, nourishing, well-drained, non-crusted soil, too. Starting them indoors is a LOT easier.


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