Has anyone used Walmart cow manure as a mulch?

coralee_in_florida(central florida)November 7, 2006


I bought an Australian tree fern and the care instructions said to use a good mulch. I am going to try cow manure from Walmart. I was thinking that cows eat hay and hay is a mulch isn't it? Has anyone else ever used bagged cow manure as a mulch?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Not as a mulch but a soil amendment. You will find the product very fine textured and a bit mucky when wet; devoid of the large particles that helps create an effective mulch.

The hay shouldn't be previously employed, to be best used as a mulch, lol!

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coralee_in_florida(central florida)

Thank you for your advice in telling me that cow manure is not a good mulch. What is a good mulch for an australian tree fern?
Thank you

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Good mulches are organic materials like bark chips, shredded wood (hardwood mulch), pine straw, cocoa hulls (not available everywhere), and even just chopped up leaves.

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