Asclepias question for Steve (Goshawker)

goodscents(z5 MI)March 31, 2006

Steve, last year you posted a great picture of a big row of asclepias tuberosa. I have had bad luck transplanting these as small plants. How did you start all those plants in the picture? Did you direct seed them or start them as plants? When and how did you germinate them?

Thanks much!


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Those were several month old plants when I put them in. When I planted those I cold/moist stratified the seed for 30 days and then germinated in a flat with all the seeds together. Once the first set of true leaves appears I pluck them out of that flat and put in a deep cell flat(3 inches deep). Then I grow them in there for a couple months until I have a nice bunch of roots and then transplant out in late May. I have direct seeded as well and while I get good germ, the ones from seed take about a year longer to get as big as the transplants. Another thing to keep in mind is your seed source, my seeds are from my area so they grow really well here for that reason. If your seeds are originally from further south, by that I mean the original seed source from the wild, then they have evolved over hundreds of years to grow during a different photo period and may die out based on evoloution, not just soil and water requirements.

Also, they do love miracle grow when they are seedlings and it really helps to grow a strong seedling. Stripping a few leaves off after transplant makes it easier on it as well because the roots don't have to support such a big plant after transplantation.

Good luck,


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