Desert rose dying?!!!!!!!!

mocropotOctober 23, 2006

Hello everybody!

I am a newbie to gardening and especially desert rose, but I got in love with this beautiful plant and bought 2 plants a week ago. This last Saturday I replanted it into cooper bowl with a good potted soil, watered a little bit and put in a full sun and today 2 days later one of the plant is wilted , the branches are " weeping". Please help! Is it dying? What I did wrong?

Thank you,


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pianodoctor(CA 23/24)

First of all, I am assuming you mean Adenium obesum is desert rose. I only mention it because other species are called desert rose also.

First suspect on my list would be the soil is too damp. Remember it's a desert plant. It can get damp rot really easily. Use a soil similar to what you would use for cactus and make sure drainage is perfect- no continuously moist soil. And the pot MUST drain. When you say it's in a bowl, I'm wondering if it has drainage holes at the bottom?

If you think it could be damp, I would pull it out right away, let the roots get some air and dry off. Once dry, cut away anything that's rotted, then replant in a more appropriate medium. The plant may go dormant, and the leaves will fall off, but as long as the "bark" still has a greenish tinge it's still alive, and will revive and releaf eventually. Don't water when dormant.

They don't mind frequent watering when actively growing, but the soil must drain completely and quickly.

And they do like "tight" roots. You don't need a pot bigger than what is neccessary to contain the roots as they are now. It's not plant where you 'need plenty of room for the roots to spread'.

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Thank you a lot for your respond! Yes, I mean Adenium obesum. The bowl has a very good drainage. It has around 12 holes @the bottom and once I watered the water went strait through. The soil is damp, but there is no water sitting in the pot. When I was repotting on Saturday morning I noticed no rot. The plant looked healthy and what I can see it was growing: new flowers were trying to bloom and new leaves were growing. How should I know it is going doormat? Yesterday when I got home from work all branches were wilted and looked " weeping". I do not know what happens?

P.S need to go to work, will check the forum@ night

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Place succulents in the shade for a week or so after repotting. The highly efficient fine root systems that can suck the water from a heap of damp grit get damaged when you repot and need time to re-establish. More water will cause rot, they just need a little time.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Is it also possible that the metal pot in full sun is warming the soil in excess?

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Thank you everybody for you responds! It is definitely a wonderful place to be and spent time!

I will place it in the shade. I hope it will help. The bowl is not metal; it is a terra cota  clay pot that has a shape of bowl. I just like this shape better.
What strange is I repotted 2 plants into the same soil and pots. One is fine and the other one is not. How to explain?

Thank you,

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webkat5(Z6a MO) said cooper, not it...

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That happened to me once and I thought it was dying. I checked the roots to make sure they were firm and then gave it some water and it perked back up.

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Where do you live Mocro? Is it getting cold?

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