frosty fern (sclaginella). Zone?

bunky(z6 OH)November 17, 2007

I bought this fern the other day and have no idea what it really is. I can't find it in my fern book. On the tag it says "Dense clumps of mosslike foliage. Use as groundcover in moist organic soil. Plant in part shade, 10" apart. Grows to 6 inches tall." I would love to plant it outside in the spring, but I don't know what the zone is.

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Check the pix on the link to see if that is the one you have.
If so, it will have to be treated as a Houseplant in your Zone, as Selaginella kraussiana is only hardy to about 10°F, and some of the cultivars, 'Aurea', 'Gold Tips', Variegata',etc., are even less hardy.
Can be succesfully grown indoors during the winter and moved to a shady location outdoors during the summer. Keep soil moist at all times, do not let it dry out. Place in a well lighted location, but not in direct sunlight. Fertilize regularly with a diluted, balanced fertilizer.
Yellowing of the fronds is an indication of lack of nutrients or overwatering and underwatering(both produce same indication).
Selaginella kraussiana is a native of Africa, the Mediterranean Region and the Azores Islands(Spain).
This cultivar is often available at Lowe's(was that your source)?
Good growing! :Rb

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That is a nice cultivar of Selaginella kraussiana!
For keeping in the home I would recommend putting it into an old aquarium or a large gallon jar and putting saran
wrap across the opening. And if you have a clamp-on light fixture with a 60 watt bulb you can set it up so the plant is about 12" to 14" above the top of the plant. Be sure to have sprayed down the inside of the jar with preferably distilled or rain or r/o water before inserting the potted selag. You can run the light 24/7 and the plant will do great. the main consideration is making sure the humidity level is right-you should have condensation on the saran wrap covering the opening of the jar.
I am linking you to a page I did on my species S. kraussiana in strobili. I grow it as stated above with the only exception is that I filled the jar (in this case a
plastic snack bowl (? bets me what it is intended for) with soil mix and added the plant. This arrangement sits in my bathroom on the toilet well. This plant likes it coolish (with highs into the 70s but prob. best in 60s).
If the plant starts to become lanky looking move the light down a couple of inches.
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Selaginella kraussiana in strobili

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