How hardy is a Boston fern

apg4November 9, 2012

I've got a couple of Boston ferns, both in hanging pots; one I've had for half dozen years, but both are sizeable - and greenhouse space is getting scarcer every year. The Wiki entry says they are perennials in zones 9-11, and here in SE VA we are 8a but it hasn't gotten below 24F for several years.

I have a portable, 6x8' SL 'greenhouse' I put up for winter; it's heated just enough to keep from freezing, and unless i hear differently, the ferns are going in there for winter. I figure they may not like it, but it probably won't kill 'em....


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I am in zone 9b and the ferns are outside growing wild year round. Our drops are occasional into the low 30s and rarely upper 20s. You may want to acclimate them to the change by leaving them out during the warmer months and letting them get used to cooling nights. Sudden changes may cause some leaflet losses.

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