Growing Shrooms Indoors

Pongalong(4/5?)November 2, 2012

Hey, I need some help. I want to start growing mushromms indoors. I need advice on getting started and maintaining my crop. I do not want to break the bank buying a mushroom kit. I am a frugal gardener and would like to start my own shrooms. Any advice?

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No, You don't have to buy a mushroom kit if you have substrate material on hand. I recommend a starter mushroom... the Oyster mushroom which will grow on wheat straw , paper, coffee grind, cardboard, etc.
You need to buy spawn... search internet on oyster mushroom spawn. Mix sterilized substrate material and spawn together and put them in a plastic bag in the dark, then forget about it for a month or so. When the substrate covered by moldy white... that is mushroom growing... good sign. Take the bag out of the dark, Cut a few slot on the bag to increase air flow and mist if the substrate is too dry. The mushroom will pop up.

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I'm growing my first indoor mushrooms as well (the glow in the dark kind). The above is pretty much exactly what I did after reading the instructions.

I drilled into my hardwood substrate, inserted the pre-innoculated plugs, put it in a rubbermaid container with the lid closed along with enough water to keep the wood moist, and set it in the corner for a month and a half or so.

I now have it spreading across the wood, and I've gotten a cheap aquarium to turn into a terrarium to let it grow in on a shelf to show it off.

The terrarium should help keep the humidity levels high enough for it to stay happy.

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