Palm Fern Dark Dry Leaves -- Is She Dying??

LucySkjarstadNovember 2, 2012

I've had my palm fern for about 4 months, maybe more. When I bought it there was only one "leaf" that was dried out so i figured it was no big. Now there are about 10 of them that are drying out. The leaves & stalk turn a dark green colour, very very dry, and crunchy. It's the entire stalk that is dying. I water every week, and they are in a bright area, not in direct sunlight. I haven't fertilized the plant since I got it.

Any ideas as to what the problem is?

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Your photo is a little unclear. But firstly, it's not a fern. Looks like Chamaedorea elegans, Parlour Palm. And yours will be a multiple planting, something nurseries do to get that full look in a pot. They plant a handful of seeds so you get many plants. Some of the weaker seedlings get smothered and die out, the stronger ones dominate.

Since you're loosing a lot of still green plants then it suggests they're too dry. You can check with a wooden skewer, pushing it down into the soil there'll be damp soil sticking to it or signs of moisture when you pull it out, otherwise it needs water. Indoors air can be very dry so fast draining soils dry out even faster.

They can cope with low light but bright light is good. Don't allow direct sunlight. Keep damp but not soggy. They're quite a tough plant for indoors.

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