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sc77March 29, 2014

As usually, really pleased with my Conifer Kingdom order...really nice plants. The Blue Cloak has sort of a gnarly bend in it that isn't ideal, but I will just train it back and probably won't even notice it when it's a larger tree..

From Left to Right:
- Picea pungens 'Kosters Prostrate'
- Pinus contorta var. latifolia 'Chief Joseph'
- Abies concolor 'Blue Cloak'
- Picea omorika 'Aurea' (Stunning free gift)

I hammered drilled about 4 ft of granite rock ledge and lightly amended the entire planting area to ensure that my 'Chief Joseph' has the best chance of survival as possible. Did several tests and the drainage looks really good, now I just gotta go easy on the watering.

Also, the image doesn't do it justice, but Blue Cloak is most consistently blue conifer I have seen in person. The needles are just solid blue, not even a hint of green.

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gardens1(5b ON)

Very nice! For that matter, even the background without any white stuff is nice, too, when you haven't seen a view like that for months!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i dont really see whats training BC needs ..

when its 10 feet tall ... and 3 inches thick.. do you really think that whats apparent today.. will be so then???

and.. thats a shipping stake ... remove it.. then decide if you need a real stake ... one more properly sized to its intended use ... if any ...

man.. i love free gifts ...


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Like the free gift best of all of them, man I love SPRING!

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