meyermike_1micha(5)September 17, 2010


How are your plants doing? getting ready for winter..? How are you doing too?:-)


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buylady(z5b IL)

howdy howdy Mikeeeeeeeee i'm doing fine plants are looking soooooooo good altho my two plants with blooms didn't produce any thing but i have another thats got blooms how can make sure that they turn into a fruit????idea why or how???? i posted a message for you on another post sept pics but you never saw it i guess you mention some but not me :-( hate to see winter come now LOL plants are loving it out side..had 3" rain the other day an rained again last nite..hope plants don't drowned LOL

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I am so glad to hear that Buylady!!! I can't wait to see how they do, come fall and winter...
Are you going to be placing them in full sun windows? How much sun will they get? This is something you need to prepare now, asap..

You have worked so hard to get them to look so much better in such a short amount of time, and rid of all the pest's..Now you need to provide beneficial sun or lights to keep them that way..

The mix and the sun will keep strong well and able to fend off pest's this winter..If you do not provide enough, I fear they will weaken, and succumb to them again..

If your mix was made right, you don't have to fear how much it rains..:-)

Let us know what your plans are or let us know if you need help or ideas?

Much hugs to you....Great job..


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buylady(z5b IL)

hi yea Mikieeeeeeee, well i already done that partly i bought some plant lites and plan to have to hook on pole lite one on each end directly to the plants and every window in the house will have plants sitting on the sils..i even got the FE an oil in spray bottles and turn the plants an hold my hand to ward off spraying every where just wanted to try it out side first to see how it would work and i think its worked good what do you think??
oh i will i'll be right here asking and bugging everyone LOL ......much hugs to Mikie toooooo and thx for all your wonderful gr8 help couldn't done it w/out YOU!!!!

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Your plants are certainly looking much better. Mike is a real asset to many folks who come to this forum. Kudos to you for following advice, too!

Just wanted to let you know why they couldn't identify the Citrus on the other thread (5th picture down). You can visually identify citrus by the leaves in conjunction with the flowers and fruit (outside and inside). It appears it currently has over-sized leaves, which makes it even harder to use as an identifying property. Sometimes even with all three you can't get it nailed down exactly!

Once your tree settles into it's better environment and develops a healthy crown and then blooms, an educated guess of the type of citrus (like "probably lemon") can be made, to be confirmed by your first crop sometime later.

Hopefully sooner,than later!


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Hope others are invited to this thread. lol

Hey Mike..How are YOU??? Long time no talk.
After surgery, I used my sons laptop, but found typing while lying horizontal, was a

How are your plants doing, and have you starting hauling them in yet?'re in IL, too? Mind if I ask which direction? You dont have to be specific..I live in the SW burbs.
Ever go to Jamacan Gardens? They had some beautiful citrus, but prices are a tad high. 'Unless on sale.' Toni

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buylady(z5b IL)

Hi cebury,
believe it or its got blooms now but rather they set is another question and its not lemon or lime has NO such big leaves i have two like that when i first started with citrus this many many yrs ago to sell this dummy didn't mark'em all i said oh i'll member what they are i have 30...I no i sure couldn't have come this far w/out Mikieee LOL

i'm way south southern IL close to c'dale ever hear of it? sorry i've never heard of the gardens you speak of..I'm not sure where you live i never heard of that either you must be wayyyyy up north...????.

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Buylady....I am VERY happy you met Tony!!!!!!
Very! And all the other good people here too of course...


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Buylady...Sure, I've heard of C'dale. College town, right?
I've been there several times, but long ago..Yep, I am north of you..
It's funny..most people I've met Online live north of me, and they think I live far
Are you zone 6? I thought that area was one zone higher than here.
Ever been to Springfield? We considered moving there, but it didnt work..besides, family is north..I'd miss them.
Are you close to Effingham? Oh I LOVE, Effingham. We were there a few yrs's beautiful.
I'd move that-a-way in a jiffy. lol
I think it was around Oct...the trees had changed and orange..the air was clean, fresh, had that autumn smell. If you know the scent I mean.

Forget Jamacan's wayyyy north..I'm sure you've never been there. lol.
The only nursery that's south of me is in Bloomington, IL. But Bloomington is still north of you. They have green house after green house. Over 20.

Nice meeting you...Toni

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buylady(z5b IL)

hi Tony, no Effin. is still wayyyyy north...i'm in Z5 an its right off the mississippi rt 3 i live on 186 acre farm...i'm bout 80 miles from Cairo its the end of the IL state...yes its college town big one too..

Nice meeting you too Tony!!

Me too Mikieeee

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Buylady: Can I stop by some time on my drive out west!!!?

It sounds like you have a lovely place..I can picture you sitting out on your deck surrounded by your plants with a big spacious sky!!


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buylady(z5b IL)

well you sure can!!! any time...your right i live in Gods country no nabors to bug you!! LOL..

Hey Mike what did she mean i need to pluck root stock donno what she means or any thing bout that? help AGAIN LOL

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If Toni is not back in a couple of days, I will ask her and let you know...She is a wonderful bunch of help..!!!

How are you?

No neighbors to bug you? That I wish
Heck, I would be just happy if my neighbors cut their trees down blocking most my sun these days now...I wish I had an open space where my tree could see the sun come up and down all day without any interruption all day...:-(


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buylady(z5b IL)

Hi ya Mikieee,
OK i'll watch for the Q AN A on that....oh my where are you any way??? maybe you have to help the neighbors cutt'em down LOL yea right ehu?? then tell them the chip munks did it!!!...oh my its raining again since early a m

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I can only wish they would remove them.I aghve dreams sometimes I hear chainsaws in my back yard...Every year they seem to grow 6 feet more each time and the sun gets blocked again and again more and more..

You should see me chasing the sun around with my plants when September go where the sun hits the most until the leaves fall off, then back in the same spots they were in when summer began until I here of the thrities coming at night, then back in the house!
God, I wish I had a greenhouse out in an open field where I could leaves plants all year in a greenhouse or some sort of conservatory, or glass house, with lot's of light.

I am proud of you working on the lights situation...Now that you know your plants LOVE sitting in the sun, I bet you are going to give tham all they can get by winter..

The chipmunks? lololol..How about the squirrels too!!!? lol

Rain is good for the plants!! Enjoy!


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Buylady, you are SOOOO lucky living on all that land. Are you into outdoor gardening, too?
Since you like citrus, have you ever considered growing cold-hardy types? Like Poncirus trifoliate....

Mike, what did you mean Buylady is living in God's Country??? That's so poetic.

Buylady..I think you were talking about me and root stock. LOL. You posted a picture/s of your citrus in another thread. The tree is grafted. Below the graft line, I noticed growth. The growth is called Root Stock. Root Stock has to be removed, otherwise, it'll kill the main citrus tree. So, any growth that grows beneath the graft line must be removed. Should be done, ASAP, otherwise, it'll leave a scar on the main trunk. You'll notice the stock, it's very thorny for one, and leaves are different in appearance.
BTW, my name is Toni... I not Y. lol..Tony is male, Toni, female. Last time I looked, I was a she. lol. Toni

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buylady(z5b IL)

OMG Mike your a riot!!!!
yes i can see that...went to let the dogs mini dotsons on the deck the other nite and some thing was on it i think it was squirrle dogs went crazy...i did have green house small one but not heated its way to far from the house makes me sick to even think of still didn't tell me where bouts you live??? slow drizzling rain to all day so far.

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buylady(z5b IL)

Hi Toni,
ooops yes i think it was you, but i don't no which tree your talking bout...i've had most of these trees for yrs if it was grafted it was before i got it as i don't do grafting only root tone make new babies...think you can tell me more as which an what to do w/it or how??? thx

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Here I go again!!

I am going to play musical pots tomorrow....Or musical spots! Where the sun decides to go, I put them there..I wish I could hire all the darn squirrels in my backyard to do the work for me..I would reward them with bags of nuts and no traps if they served any purpose at all and stayed out of my pots!!lol

I only wish I didn't have to climb roof tops and fences to plop my plants down in front row seats to the best sun possible...But hey Buylady, we really love our babies, don't we..
I am willing to perform circus acts for mine if it keeps them happy here in good ole Massachusetts 30 miles from the coast!!

Just thinking of you today..;-)


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buylady(z5b IL)

AAAAAAAAAAwwwwwwwwwwww Mikieee your such sweetie an we do love our babies for sure...hey whats the good smellin citrus you got? can i have a start? some body?? LOL can't magine any thing that smelles that loud..I can just see you hopping around the roof top LOL..drizzled rain again this a m..

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Buylady. I searched for the thread, but can't find it. You posted several plants, probably citrus on the thread. Come to think of it, maybe Mike started the
I'd have to check.
I meant, the citrus that has rootstock, was other words you purchased a grafted tree. I don't do grafting either..too
The citrus was halfway down the page, 'of your plants.' Toni

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I thnk I found it girls...

Lol..Got to get back to work for a bit..Talk to you later.

Drizzle again, hah? lol


Here is a link that might be useful: try this one Buylady..Rootstock

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Say, Toni.

What dilution rate do you use for FE for pest-repellent purposes? I've been diluting 1 tablespoon/gallon for lack of another measure, but I'd like to know what you use, if you don't mind.

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buylady(z5b IL)

hi toni,
thats exactly what i use..i also put it spray bottle and hold my hand up behind it so i don't spray the wall LOL..

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Howdy All,

I am curious what is FE? And how do you use it?

Buylady - Great to hear you're making progress with your citrus! ( :

Happy Growing!


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FE = fish emulsion. I'm hoping to get someone to slip up and say what the preferred dilution rate is, because it seems to be a secret. LOL

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Thanks Displacer! I need to go buy some and would also like to know what the preferred dilution rate is.

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