Do I need to trim back ferns?

bevingaNovember 17, 2007


I live in NW Georgia and we recently had a couple of cold snaps. I have a bed with several different varieties of ferns...Autumn Fern, Shaggy Shield Fern, Japanese Painted Fern, Korean Rock Fern, Holly Fern. My ferns have all begun to turn yellow/brownish and I know they will die off before too long. They really are not very attractive right now, so I was wondering if it would hurt their reproduction in the spring if I go ahead and trim them back, say to the ground or about an inch above the ground, then cover with pine straw.



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Doesn't hurt a bit.

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Thanks! I babied these plants until the drought won the fight and just don't want to do anything to hurt the ones I was able to save, which was most of what I planted during the past two or three years including this year. I just love my ferns!

Again, thanks!

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So, no problem chopping this guy down close to the ground before spring? It stayed pretty green and healthy until a hard frost we had a few weeks ago. Assuming it will come back?

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