Spotting on pommelos

booeyschewySeptember 10, 2012

I have a pommelo tree in miami florida I just planted. It says it was sprayed last august, probably with a copper compound. Presently theres an infestation of white fly in Miami so the leaves have a sooty mold and some of the white flies. There are also piles of sand at the base of two of the pommelos where ants are. A few of the leaves are curling here and there too. I'm worried I may have citrus greening, though the leaves don't have the clear spots that the pictures online have. All the fruit have dispersed lighter spots when light shines on them. Any idea how to diagnose issues with this?

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A photo would help. If you have ants, you WILL have aphid problems; it is essential to control the ants. Ants also let air into the roots and inhibit growth.
If it were my tree, I would spray it with Bayer Silvacur (fungicide) mixed with Bayer Leverage (Imidicloprid insecticide); both are topically active, killing the white fly and the mold; and they also enter the plant as systemic. You only need to apply those two twice per year; I apply them at the beginning of my rain season and then 6 months later.

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