Suzi Wong/Cotton Candy Fern Care

shmooey(7B Seattle)November 11, 2008

I am having trouble finding proper information- Can anyone with experience with suzi wong ferns tell me what care they require?


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The link below is for Santa Rosa Tropicals, the firm that introduced the cultivar, 'Suzi Wong'
The care instructions are for commercial producers, but most would apply to aftercare for your fern.

Most important that water not be applied to the fronds, apply to potting soil when needed. Allow the soil to dry somewhat, before adding water. Overwatering & underwatering can cause the same symptoms: Browning of the tips and edges of the fronds.
Fertilizer can be applied twice each year to promote growth. Use a water soluble type, but apply to moist soil to avoid burning the roots. Most commercial growers us a 3-1-2 N-P-K ratio, such as 18-6-12 or 15-5-10.
If you use tap water, best to draw a container of water and let it stand, uncovered, for at least 24 hours, to allow the chlorine additive to evaporate.
High humidity is necessary for proper maintenance. If you have forced-air heating, without a humidifier, the indoor air can become quite dry. You could place your fern in the bathroom, so that it can take advantage of the moisture when showering. Another method is to use a shallow pan, kept filled with water. Add a few pebbles to set the pot on, so that the bottom of the pot is elevated just out of the water.
Place in a location that receives bright indirect light and Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Suzi Wong Fern care

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