Echinacea 'Doppelganger' vs 'Doubledecker'

butterflylion(7bGA)March 31, 2005

Hi everyone. I oredered Echinacea 'Doppelganger' from Jackson & Perkins, but they are sold out. I am disappointed that I won't be getting these. Has anyone grown these or 'Doubledecker'? Thanks!

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I have 3 plants from J & P I've had for one season. I liked them, but they definitely didn't look as good as the ones on the J&P photo! Maybe it'll take a few years. Some of them had a few funky little tassle thingees going on on top of their regular petals. But it didn't look like they were sure whether they knew whether they were supposed to be there or not! LOL They are cool, but the J&P advertising is a little deceptive. Like I said, maybe it'll take a few years. If I could find seeds, I'd probably grow more from seed. Phyl

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lmturner(6 TN)

I just found this information from White Farm:

In its trip back and forth across the Atlantic, this Midwestern native, the purple Coneflower of our tallgrass prairies, has taken on a unique cosmopolitan polish. Sometime during its expatriation in a German garden, 'Doppelganger' sprouted a second circle of petals that pops like a parasol from the tip the flower's orange-brown, central cone.
Typically, this intriguing performance doesn't take place until the second year after transplanting. In the meantime, though, you'll come to appreciate this Coneflower's compact growth, its tolerance for drought, and its long season of bloom (from June to August). At home in almost any well-drained soil, in sun or partial shade.

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