Green spray chrysanthemums

kitkat_oregon(7)March 15, 2008

I purchased a bunch of flowers from Costco the other day with a lime green spray chrysanthemum, multi stemmed with flowers that are about 1.5 inches across, very double with tubular petals, any idea as to what variety this might be? I have looked in the Geo Seed catalog but cant find a variety that carries this color. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Kat

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maplea(coast BC)

Hi Kitkat:
I, too, have lusted after green mums, but have found no seeds anywhere. I think you have to buy plants. The only place I have heard of is ??? Kings mums???? somewhere in the states. I am in canada so could never get them up here, anyways, what with plant quarantine restrictions, and such. A company, called Yoder, also sells mums, but only in big quantities.
There is a green mum called kermit.

I did try taking cuttings about three weeks ago, off a green spider mum that I got from costco, and I did get a couple of roots, but have not checked it since to see if there is any top growth . Hey, it was a long shot.
I found that the green mum (kermit) that I had, bloomed very, very late, past any useful date for me (mid november?)
best of luck in your search

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Hi Maplea, thanks for the input. I cant find any seeds either, I cant even find the plants from Yoder, not that I would buy them. I am already way over budget this year so I have to reign myself in before my hubby divorces me :). I will keep the thread posted if I find anything. This time of year everyone is so busy that responses take a long time. Thanks again. Kat

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flowers4u(z6 OR)

Kat - I grew Kermit one year, along with lots of others from King's - great plants - but way too late for Maplea mentioned. So, I'm not taking up valuable space with these mums. I do grow a salmon variety (similar to Shellford pink) that comes on in late Sept./early Oct. and holds very well when picked in bud state. It is a bit smelly though!

I wish there was an earlier blooming green mum...but without a hoophouse...can't really do it!

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Wendy, do you have plans for a hoophouse in the future? I am toying with the idea but have not a clue as to how big the thing should be to be cost effective, and it will have to be unheated as we are going solar for the new house so all extra power needs have to be 'essentials only'. Have you read Lynn B's new version of her book? I hear that there is alot in there about hoophouse growing. Anyway, thanks for the input on the mums, I think I'll skip it for now, too many other things to concentrate on. Kat

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msbumble(z6 NJ)

I love these mums. The variety that's sold as a cut flower is named "Yoko Ono". Last time I searched for a potted plant by this name I came up with nothing, so maybe it goes by a different name in the nursery trade. I've been unable to find any of the potted ones this season - I wanted to try putting it in the ground.
If anyone has done this with success, please let me know!

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maplea(coast BC)

I bought a green potted mum for st. patrick's day, last year, took cuttings, and planted them out last year. It bloomed in late september, taller than the potted mums because they were not treated with hormones and such,and given whatever light treatments they give to keep them short, and it was a nice light green. The flower was larger than the st. pat's potted mum that I got and it was a nice cut flower. Have tried other potted mums and always come up with something nice, but never the same as the mother plant.
Kind of interesting to see what they turn out like.
It is the time of year when a green potted mum may be around.

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Noni Morrison

I am so happy to hear that you had success with this! I bought one of those green mum plants this year and then suddenly thought after I had it home that maybe they dyed it and it really wasn't green at all! Your result is just what I am lookinng for!

Kings Mums does sell "Yoko Ono" but most mums bloom dates are after our first frost so have not gone to te expense of an order yet.

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According to this link "Nearly all commercial pot chrysanthemum growers order either rooted or unrooted cuttings from specialists propagator/breeders."

Look under Photoperiod for some insight into how the light levels are manipulated so that "Today, pot mums can be precisely forced into bloom each week throughout the year"!

Hope this helps you find what you need. We used Kermit mums from Jewel in my first floral design class (Fall 2008).

It is my understanding that the cut flower trade exists, in part, to offer an alternative to the mass produced mums and roses that are largely grown in other countries now.

But that lime green sure is a kick! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Spray Chrysanthemums

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