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meditating(8, Central SC)December 29, 2009

I live in SC where we have hot, humid summers and increased periods of drought over the years. I just bought a new home where most of my lawn is shaded and already has a good deal of moss.

For environmental reasons, I want to turn my lawn into all moss, but understand moss won't grow in the areas of direct sun. I have read that irish moss will, but it isn't really a moss. I am also not wanting to have to water the lawn, which irish moss would require.

Any suggestions on a moss I can put in the full sun or does that just not exist?

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Are you in the coastal zone or on the piedmont?
If you want moss to grow in the exposed areas you should water or dampen the area daily if the soil conditions are comparable. If the moss moves onto the exposed area and grows well I would keep up the daily misting into early summer. You can stop misting in summer and the moss will probably dry back. Resume watering in fall and see if it recovers.
Using irish moss would only result in the regular moss becoming grown over by the nonmoss plant.

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