Finished Kitchen pics

trailrunnerbikerSeptember 22, 2007

I enjoy this forum so much and since Steven posted his wonderful kitchen I figured I would post what we did too. I wish I could get the garden moving along better since those french doors open to a partial guys are going to have to come for a week long work party !

I have posted bits and pieces but never the whole thing. I was waiting to get an island but that is going to be sometime in the future since I haven't found anything I like yet. My cab guy and several others had said they would make me one from salvaged wood but...hasn't happened.

We had the kitchen gutted to the studs. This involved removal of lathe and plaster...lots of coal dust. The house had the kitchen in the back ( now a guestroom ) and also had 2 kitchens when it was a duplex in the past. We left it in the center of the house. The last time it was remodeled was in the 80's.

I found old salvaged leaded and stained glass windows to create "transoms" to bring in light. We added a skylight over the area where the Twins are and the exterior french doors in the sunroom were added when we gutted that room . All this was to try and bring in light. The interior french doors were added 4 years ago..they were salvage also.

All of the glass cabinet doors are salvage Arts and Craft windows with the original wavy glass. The sinks in the kitchen and sunroom are salvaged soapstone...the sunroom one is an Alberene Quarry sink and has the original tag in place on the front.

Counters around the sink/cooktop are teak. My cab guy made them and I finished them with Waterlox. The counter for the baking area is 30" deep and is soapstone as is the landing area next to the ovens and around the sunroom sink. The counter for the coffee bar is salvaged marble from Columbus GA . It still has the "lip" where the slab overlapped on the old building. The sides are leftover teak since the marble was not quite long enough. This was my idea and gives an inset look . All cabs were local custom. Full-extension glides. 2 Lee Valley pullouts...lower cab by sink and next to Twins.

We have the Caldera gas 36" cooktop, Miele builtin deepfat fryer,Tradewind 1400cfm hood liner w/ custom wood hood, Miele double ovens w/Perfect Clean, Bosch SHU66 dishwasher. Frigidaire Twins. We do not have a disposal and I don't miss it. I have a little galvanized pail.

Most of the art work is photos from our hometown of N.O. The kitchen was my attempt to bring some of that feeling to this house. Lighitng was from lots of different places and I would have to go back and look it up.

Gas insert fireplace was done 4 years ago as was tile. The mantle is original. The whole rest of the area around the fireplace is new and was finished with leftover teak . We "found " that great chimney hidden in the wall. My contractor didn't want to expose it but I cleaned it gently with a putty knife and sealed it with poly.The ceiling was raised back up to 10 1/2 ft from 9 of house is 12 ft. The vent for the fireplace and the hood both are ducted in the new ceiling. Below are 2 pictures and the rest are at the link. Thanks for looking ! Caroline

fireplace wall:

baking area:

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchen

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Carolyn, your kitchen is so perfect. I have seen a lot of finished kitchen pictures and so many have gone the way of updating for the present. I have seen very few that mix the original or old with the best of the new and pulled it off to good effect. My congratulations to you and your DH. Your kitchen is just so so well done. Love it!


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Oh Caroline, your kitchen is a dream, all the salvaged pieces you've incorporated into your kitchen have given it the charm of days gone by and yet you have the present as well. A fireplace in the kitchen, another dream of mine. Your kitchen is a knockout.
If I could wave a magic wand I would go back in time a 100 or so years to live, of course I'd take a few things with me, electricity, appliances and of course a good medical plan LOL.
A fantasy of mine is to be able to buy one of those beautiful old homes of days gone buy and have it restored to it's original glory. It would have to have a fireplace in the kitchen, equipped with one of those arms that swing out over the fire for the stew pot, Oh, and be able to have a roast turning on a spit, to come in from working in the garden on a chilly day autumn day, opening the door to all those delicious aromas Mmmmmmm. Darn, now I've got myself drooling on the keyboard LOL.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

WOW, another excellent kitchen. I love the period look you captured, and the fire place right in the kitchen is to die for!


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I love love love the kitchen. I cant even decide which pic is my fav...I love the clean simple lines. The transoms are really nice. I like the fireplace....the floors are so warm...I like it....reallly like it.

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MeMo: you expressed just what I was hoping to achieve. Thank you so much.

Annette: the time and pictures you evoke are compelling. The closest I come to "cooking" on the gas fireplace is my AM coffee stays nice and warm as I read the paper in the wintertime. Very cozy spot on a cold Alabama morning.

Glynnis: thank you...I thought you would like all the color I used. You have such an eye for design. I can hardly wait to see your finished project.

Keesha: you are very is fun to have so many different details to enjoy. It is a working kitchen so most of the time it is a mess. I never oil the soapstone etc as we are always wiping down the counters after kneading bread's not just for looks ! LOL ! thanks again, Caroline

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Steveningen(sunset 17, CA)

Caroline - your kitchen is fantastic! I love the fact that you have salavaged so many wonderful things. You can't recreate the authenticity of beautiful petina achieved over time. I can understand why you haven't settled on your island yet. It will be such a prominent piece that it must be just right. You'll know it when you see it. And I wouldn't doubt if it turns out to be another salvaged treasure.

Your kitchen deserves a standing ovation.


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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Well, I thought I might have a picture of an island that I recently ran across on the internet, in my inspiration file, but I guess I didn't save it after all. It was an old store counter from a turn of the century merchantile and had drawers on both sides that would hold a multitude of things in a kitchen. It was pretty cool!

Anyway, I wanted to suggest that you keep an eye Craigslist in your city or nearby cities. It's amazing the things that people get rid of, for next to nothing in many cases. Wish we had one in our area!


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Simply DIVINE!


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Thank you Steven..I didn't know if you saw my compliments to your kitchen...I posted in the Kitchen Forum not here. Your space has turned out beautifully. I always hunger for more pics of your home and garden. I will keep looking .I would like it made by someone local but that has proved to be difficult lately. Oh well the search is entertaining too.

Thank you MeMo. We don't have much of a local Craigslist but I need to check Montgomery and Atl. My son is there and I could get him to secure it for me. Good Idea !!

Thank you Patti...I love DIVINE ! Caroline

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Beautiful kitchen Caroline. Love your transoms and the soapstone sink. Such a joy to cook in that kitchen!!!

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I love all the unique features of your kitchen, especially the salvaged items. Very beautiful!


PS Do the Pottery Barn shelves work well or you? I've been so tempted so many times, but then I worry about things sliding off.

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Thank you Barb , it is a joy.

Cameron: thank you too. The Pottery Barn quality is exceptional. We had no problem installing them and they are VERY sturdy. The weight limit is given for each size shelf. It is very generous .I think with the one shelf I have exceeded it but no problem so far. The plates are very heavy that I have on it. I would have no qualms recommending them. Caroline

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Carolyn, you created an amazing space! So unique! Did you use a special paint on the backsplash?

Your canisters remind me of mine. Brushed aluminum from the 50s? I have my mom's set, except for the grease canister.

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Natal: thank you. We just used the BM matte. It has ceramic in it. I scrub it with grease cutter and a rough cloth. It keeps it from burnishing. If I need to 1x a year I will touch it up but so far it has lasted really well.

I love the way my N.O. photos look with the Thyme green.

I have Mom's sugar canister...I don't know what happened when I moved her here but the rest got "lost". I bought these in Fl in a "junque" shop. Hers were prettier but I can't find anymore. That is her pitcher/cup set in brushed colored aluminum up on the white shelves. We always used it in the 50's...sweaty glasses !

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Caroline, I love your kitchen colors and the way you have incorporated the old and the new---very charming and well done! The leaded and stained glass transoms are fabo!!! Def my kind of kitchen. Congrats on job well done.


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Thank you Becky you are very kind . I wish I could translate all this ability to decorate into the garden !! C.

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faltered(Hamburg NY Z5/6)


Your kitchen is a dream! I could drool at those photos all day long. I love your soapstone sink. And a built-in deepfrier? NO way!! Love it.

Thanks for sharing these. Now, when are you going to have us all over for tea?? I'll bring some muffins!!


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FlowerLady6(z10 Fl)

Your kitchen is stunning and comforting. Love the old salvaged pieces mixed with new. The color is wonderful. So much space. It must be wonderful to work in there. Love your sunroom too.

Congrats to you and your DH on a fantastic job.


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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Your brushed colored aluminum glasses reminded me of this little memory...when I was a kid my mother had maybe six of those same type glasses. My older sister had acquired a set of lower buck teeth when her permanent teeth grew in. On every single one of those glasses there were long rows of teeth scratches from about an inch below the lip leading up to the top edge of the glasses. She would actually sit there and drag her teeth up the sides of the glasses. I wanted to kill her for making the edges all rough. LOL. Yes, her teeth eventually straightened themselves out but I'm still mad at her. LOL!


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trailrunnerbiker get over here ANY time that suits you !! The time is always right.

Flowerlady you are so sweet.I love the concept of comforting and stunning. We do indeed enjoy the cooking that goes on. Our next huge group of family arrives Tuesday for 5 days. Yikes !!! I have just gotten back and have tons to do.

MeMo you are so funny. Those glasses are so great looking but they sweat...I think that is why folks had coasters. c

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I thought I had posted here. Lately, I am running and saying, "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"
On top of everthing else the a/c has not worked since Saturday night sometime. Someone is supposed to be here today. You think it will be ok to meet him in my birthday suit?

Shame on me for not commenting on you lovely home. I realllllly covet that transom! Of course, truth be told, I covet the whole house.

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